At Clare College, Cambridge, 2017

In the Fellows' Garden
Clare College
Clare College

Sara the Singer

Thanks to Ashworth photography for these photographs.

At the Radegund, 2017

In Cambridge's Smallest Pub
smiling faces

At the Geldart, 2015

With Backing Vocals!
smiling faces

Playing in the Great Barn, Bourn, Cambridge, 2015

Wedding Band!
Wedding photo
Wedding photo

Soundcheck at the Willow Wedding, The Willow Tree, Bourn, Cambridge, 2014

Soundcheck under the apple tree!
a shady spot

Wildwood Restaurant, Cambridge, 2013

Lunchtime at Wildwood
view from the reserved for no-one table

Thanks to Tom Montgomery for this photo.

The Geldart, Cambridge, 17th March 2013

Back at the Geldart
view from the reserved for no-one table

Thanks to Ian Perkiss for this photo.

The Willow Tree, Bourn, Christmas Eve Eve 2012

Here's a Christmas tune ...
2 red hats

Thanks to Sue Nichols for this photo.

The Red Lion, Histon, 4th September 2012

Entertaining the beer festival crowd
The 3 heads

Thanks to Tom Montgomery for this photo.

The Belfry, 17th August 2012

Relaxed post-gig!
The 3 heads

Thirsty? - you bet

The Snug, 8th January 2012

January Blues at the Snug

The Geldart, 12th December 2011

Christmas at the Geldart - nearly!

The Snug, 13th November 2011

A lullaby at the Snug

The Geldart, 17th October 2011

Peter's Last Gig

Thanks to Tom Montgomery and Mike Sparrow for the Geldart & Snug photos above.

Wedding Reception, Thurfield 27th August 2011

Dancing to Jazzitation!
Prince Charles and the Vicar dancing!!

A Two Guitar Song!

Dave Groovin'
Dave at the Wedding in Thurfield

Thanks to Miranda Wheatcroft for these photos.

The Boot, Histon 16th Apr 2011

Sara singing for Natalie!
Sara in full voice

At Natalie's Party
At the Boot in Histon

Quendon Hall 9th Apr 2011

Post-gig at Quendon
Here we are at Quendon

Sara glammed up for the wedding crowd!
Sara poised for action.

From the Willow Tree 6th Mar 2011

Ian, Sara and Peter
Live at the Willow Tree

Sara Morrison on vocals
Live at the Willow Tree

Ian Morrison on sax
Live at the Willow Tree

Peter Cook on guitar
Live at the Willow Tree

Ian and Sara at the Willow Tree, Bourn
Live at the Willow Tree

Thanks to Tim Cobbold for these photos. 

From the Geldart 13th Feb 2011 with Dave Esental on guitar

Jazzitation in action
In action at the Geldart

Ian in guitar mode
Is that a G flat 7 sharp 11?

Sara in full voice
Sara in action

Dave mid-song
Dave comping

Sara chilling in the sax solo
More saxophone solo

Thanks to Agnieszka for these photos. 

We've enjoyed the first half of the gig at the Geldart
Two smiling faces and a dep

Thanks to Steve Morrell for this photo.